~Finally Blooming~

19 / 5'8 / female / Puertorrican
Just an art student slowly progressing on her journey to be fit :)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some interests of mine are Greek mythology, travel, art, and nature. (I try to keep the blog fitness centric but these things tend to slip in occasionally) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
My main blog is see-foam-wonderland
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Meerkats make the best photographer’s assistants EVER.

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Okay, this is very cute. :)

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You know you've played too much Harvest Moon when... →


  • You try to make ice cream with milk, eggs, and your bare hands.
  • You try to ride the goats and sheep at the local petting zoo.
  • You buy eggs at the grocery store expecting them to hatch in incubators.
  • You throw items into ponds to please the Goddess.
  • You tried to…

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